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You Need a Gator Agent

At Gator Agent, we offer a diverse array of services designed to help our customers manage the challenges of everyday life. We work with you and your family to provide personal and business income tax preparation services, assistance with immigration forms, credit repair and other business services in the South Florida area. Our team can help you deal with all life’s little inconveniences and necessities in the most practical and positive way possible.

Tax Forms | Personal and business income taxes can be complex and confusing. At Gator Agent, we take some of the work and worry out of the process for you by providing you with expert tax preparation designed to keep you on the right side of the Internal Revenue Service. We work with South Florida businesses and families to make sure that you receive the right solutions for your income tax preparation and filing requirements. Our team will help you to reduce your tax liability or to increase the size of your refund. We have Spanish-speaking members of our staff who can assist you with your income tax issues and provide you with the most accurate information regarding your tax obligations now and in the future.

Immigration Forms | Immigration forms require experience and knowledge to fill out correctly. Gator Agent can provide you with an Immigration Forms Specialist who knows the process and who will help you manage your immigration applications more effectively. Our team can provide you with assistance with I-485 applications for green cards or permanent residency status, N-400 forms for citizenship applications and many other necessary forms to help you pursue your goals of working, studying and living in the United States. Because our team includes bilingual individuals, Gator Agent can provide you with help in completing your immigration forms, translating your answers into English, collecting and submitting the necessary documentation for your application, submitting your forms. We can even help you find a qualified attorney if your case requires one to achieve a successful outcome. We are committed to providing the best and most practical options for our customers in managing immigration issues and achieving the best chance of success for applications for green cards and citizenship in this country.

Credit Repair | Credit repair services are a way to overcome past mistakes or difficulties by working within the system to dispute incorrect information on your credit report and to provide the necessary documentation to support your claims. Many people do not understand how the formal dispute process works and how it can provide help and improvements in your credit score. At Gator Agent, we have the knowledge and the expertise needed to provide support and advice in beginning the credit dispute process and dealing with cases of identity theft or misuse of your personal information. Our team will help you navigate the process and will deliver the best options for your needs and for your budget.

Business Services | Gator Agent also offers a variety of business services including notary public and translation services.  Our team can also act as a process server on your behalf.  At Gator Agent, we are here to serve the needs of South Florida residents and business owners now and in the future.

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Gator Agent provides expert tax preparation services designed to alleviate the stress and confusion of filing your taxes.  Our team will assist you with your income tax issues and enure you have filed in a correct and timely manner while abiding by the strict outlines of the IRS.

Immigration Forms

When it comes to properly filling out and submitting immigration forms, Gator Agent has the experience and knowledge needed to ensure the process is completed properly.  Whether you are in need of a green card or seeking permanent residency, Gator Agent can assist you in obtaining your desired outcome.

Credit Repair

At Gator Agent we understand the importance of an excellent credit score and our team has the experience needed to help you obtain just that.  By disputing incorrect information and submitting the necessary documentation our team will help deliver the results you need.

Business Services

Our team at Gator Agent provides a large a variety of business services to reduce the stress and complexity often associated with these task. Whether you need a notary public or a process server to act on your behalf, our expert team at Gator Agent can provide you with the results needed to accomplish your task.


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